Firebrick Wins Multiple Gold Medals


On November 13th in Nuremberg, Germany, something special was brewing, and it wasn’t the cold weather! 72 judges from all over Europe (safely) gathered at the European Beer Star Competition to taste test 2,036 different beers from 42 different countries with one goal – finding the best Vienna-Style Lager in the world. They carefully tasted and discussed beer as day turned to night, and night back to day, finally settling on the best of the best:



The fun didn’t stop there, as as three weeks later Firebrick took home another gold medal in the Vienna-Style lager category, this time from the 2020 US Open Beer Championship.

Firebrick has been a core member of the Schell’s lineup ever since its release in 1998, when it was originally a seasonal variation of Snowstorm. It has a subtle maltiness combined with a hint of hoppy taste that together create a mild, sessionable beer. Four specialty malts with the addition of Vanguard, Chinook, and Hallertau hops make this a very versatile beer, perfect for any situation year-round. After its release, President Ted Marti knew he couldn’t retire the popular lager: “Everyone loved it, we had to keep it in production.” This pivotal decision payed tremendous dividends in the next 22 years, with Firebrick becoming the flagship beer of Schell’s. Today, it’s a bestseller, internationally acclaimed, and still just as delicious as 1998.

The gold medal awarded at 2020’s European Beer Star Competition is a welcome addition an already crowded trophy case, joining a silver medal from the 2002 Great American Beer Festival and a gold medal from the 2014 World Beer Cup. “Winning a gold medal at the European Beer Star is a huge honor and we are very excited about it.” remarks Jace Marti, Assistant Brewmaster at Schell’s. “We are so glad to be able to continue to provide great beer.”


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