Schell’s Releases Anniversary Hefeweizen

August Schell Brewing Celebrates its Hefeweizen’s 30th Anniversary with 1984 Legacy Weiss and New Contemporary Spins

NEW ULM, MN (June 30, 2014)—August Schell Brewing Company (, the second-oldest family-owned brewery in the country, today released a special edition Hefeweizen sampler pack commemorating the beer’s 30th anniversary. The sampler includes Schell’s original 1984 Weiss Beer, Schell’s current Hefeweizen, and two new Schell’s Weiss varieties, Damfbier and Weizen Bock.

In the 1980s, among a wasteland of mass-produced commodity beers with little character, brew master Ted Marti had a vision to launch a high quality, untapped collection of German Craft beers brewed from tradition and infused with innovation. Shortly after introducing Schell’s Bavarian Pilsner—which celebrated its 30th anniversary earlier this year—Schell’s brewed the first wheat beer in America since prohibition, aptly called Weiss Beer.

Today, Schell’s Weiss Beer has evolved into a smooth, unfiltered, award-winning Hefeweizen, featuring high carbonation, low hops, and fruity flavors. As is traditional in Germany, Schell’s current Hefeweizen has live yeast still in the bottle, creating a hazy glow and bringing out aromas of spicy clove, banana, and nutmeg.

“Schell’s Hefeweizen is an old world favorite,” said Ted Marti, President, August Schell Brewing. “Our secret ingredient is authentic wheat beer yeast culture imported from Germany. We’re excited to raise a glass to this legacy brew, as well as introduce some fun new spins on a classic.”

The other two varieties in the Hefeweizen sampler are experimental Weiss beers made specially for the anniversary. Schell’s Dampfbier is inspired from an eighteenth century brew in the impoverished Bavarian Forest, where a brewer had to travel far for precious yeast. Schell’s Weizen Bock is an amped up Hefeweizen, aggressively dry hopped for a contemporary twist. The Weizen Bock features a citrusy, floral French hop called Triskel.

“We suggest drinking a Hefeweizen with Weisswurst, which is a white sausage, and a pretzel slathered in sweet mustard,” said Marti. “Weiss beer also pairs well with shellfish, salad, tangy cheeses like goat or feta, and fruity desserts.”

The sampler is being released in limited 12-packs containing 3 12oz. bottles of each variety and sets of 4 1/6-barrels, available at locations where Schell’s is sold. Learn more at

About August Schell Brewing Company

August Schell Brewing Company (Schell’s) specializes in craft beer and boasts a proud heritage of 154 years of continuous family ownership. Schell’s is the second oldest family-owned brewery in the United States, founded in 1860 in New Ulm, MN. It became the oldest and largest brewery in Minnesota when the company acquired Grain Belt Beer in 2002. From traditional German brews to innovative spins, the Schell’s brewing process begins and ends with German Craft beer. For more information, go to