Schell’s Unleashes Bold New Lager, “Arminius”

August Schell Brewing Co. Welcomes Hoppy Addition to Lineup of German Craft Beers

NEW ULM, MN (July 17, 2014) – August Schell Brewing Co. (, Minnesota’s oldest brewery, today released Arminius, the latest addition to its award-winning collection of German craft beers.

A radical departure from Schell’s signature brews, Arminius is a distinctly hoppy lager at 70 IBUs and boasts a fruity, floral aroma. Clean malts of Pilsner and Munich platform a unique blend of German, French and American hops, chosen for their delicate citrusy characters.

Schell’s Arminius is named after the legendary chieftain of the Germanic Cheruscan tribe and beloved mascot of New Ulm, Minnesota, better known as Hermann the German. Arminius and his united coalition of German tribes famously defeated three Roman legions in 9 A.D., establishing the border of Germany that still exists today. Hermann Heights Monument, the third largest copper statue in the United States, overlooks Schell’s Brewery and signifies freedom from Rome.

“This beer is bold and courageous, just like Arminius himself,” said Jace Marti, brew master and sixth generation Schell’s family member. “Arminius champions our German heritage, which we’re continuously finding new ways to showcase and reinvent.”

Experimental for a German Craft beer, Arminius in some ways mimics the profile of a strong west-coast American IPA, double dry hopped and brewed with more than 2.5 pounds of hops per barrel. Unlike an IPA, however, Arminius has the base of a crisp, drinkable lager, and is of course brewed with Schell’s custom traditional German techniques.

Pair Arminius with foods that can match its intense hop profile and bitterness, such as spicy Cajun or Thai dishes, deep fried or grilled meats, and mild blue cheeses like Gorgonzola.

Arminius will be sold on draft and in 4 packs of 16 oz. cans in locations where Schell’s is sold. Learn more at

About August Schell Brewing Company

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