Snowstorm Hits Midwest

Schell’s Releases Grand Cru, 21st Edition in Snowstorm Series

NEW ULM, MN (Nov. 3, 2014) – Local German craft brewer, Schell’s, recently announced the release of its 2014 edition in the Snowstorm series, Grand Cru. The beer is the 21st installment in the limited edition series produced each year for the holiday season.

Begun in 1994 as an opportunity for Schell’s brewmasters to experiment with different styles of beer, each year a new Snowstorm is created. “Every brew is as unique and varied as a Midwestern snowstorm,” claims Schell’s President, Ted Marti. Over the past twenty years, the highly anticipated series has developed into one of the brewery’s most popular seasonal offerings.

“Creating a new Snowstorm is always interesting because it allows us to explore unique ingredient combinations,” said Dave Berg, Schell’s brewmaster. “For Grand Cru, we’re using a relatively new malt, Red X, and an interesting Belgian yeast called Forbidden Fruit. To complement these, we chose coriander, sweet orange and lemon peel, as well as bitter orange and little bit of Turbinado sugar to help with attenuation and dry it out a bit.”

Deep copper in color with an off-white head, the beer is deceptively light-bodied with a lively carbonation and subtle warmth. Snowstorm Grand Cru readily pairs with foods that are big and hearty such as roasts, steaks and stews. It can also be enjoyed alongside sharp cheese like cheddar, Gorgonzola or other blue cheeses.

The 2014 Snowstorm will be sold on draft and in bottles wherever Schell’s is sold. Learn more at

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