Accessibility Statement

Internet for All

The August Schell Brewing Company is committed to ensuring a positive experience for every customer and recognizes the significance of accessibility and inclusivity. Our primary objective is to enable all our customers to effortlessly access information and conduct transactions on our website, whether you rely on assistive tools like screen readers, magnifiers, or voice recognition software.

What we’re doing

We are proactively working to further enhance the accessibility of our website. This endeavor is ongoing, and as technologies improve, we pledge to keep our website as up to date and accessible as possible.

Accessibility Assistance

Though we’ve taken every action possible to ensure our website is accessible, if you encounter any challenges when using any part of this website on any device, please contact us at (800) 770-5020 or send an email to [email protected]. We are committed to collaborating with you to ensure that you’re able to get what you need from our website in a method of communication that works best for you.


We’d love to hear your feedback on how we can improve in our ongoing efforts to keep our website accessible. Please contact us with your suggestions and feedback.