bier halle HOurs

Sunday-Wednesday: 12-5pm
Thursday: 12-6pm
Friday & Saturday: 11am-8p
After you visit the Bier Halle – check out our gift shop! 


Monday-Friday: 11am-5pm
Saturday:  11am-6pm
Sunday: 11am-5pm

Bier Halle MENU

Our beer is available in 16oz pours for $5 unless otherwise noted.
Any tabs left open will be automatically closed at the end of the day with a 20% gratuity added.
Tap list last updated March 6th.

always on tap

Schell’s Deer Brand | Pre-Prohibition Lager | 4.7% ABV

Schell’s Firebrick | Vienna-Style Amber Lager | 4.8% ABV

Schell’s No Frills | German-Style Pilsner | 5.0% ABV

Schell’s Fresh Prints | Cold IPA | 6.5% ABV

Schell’s Dark | American Dark Lager | 4.8% ABV

Schell’s Light | American Lager | 4.0% ABV

Grain Belt Premium | American Lager | 4.6% ABV

Grain Belt Premium Light | Light American Lager | 3.9% ABV

Grain Belt Nordeast | Midwest Amber Lager | 4.7% ABV

Grain Belt Elite | Super Premium Light American Lager | 4.2% ABV

1919 Root Beer

Rotating & Seasonal

Schell’s Bock | German-Style Lager | 6.1% ABV

Schell’s Snowstorm | Multigrain Mahogany Lager | 6.7% ABV

Schell’s Coffee Pale Ale | Limited Edition Ale | 5.5%

Schell’s Cave-Aged Barrel-Aged | Baltic Porter | 10.89% ABV | 10oz

Schell’s Scotch Ale | Limited Edition Ale | 7.0% ABV

Schell’s Barrel-Aged Seltzer | Seltzer Aged in Barrels | 12.5% ABV

Schell’s Amber | Amber Lager  | 4.7% ABV

Starkeller Cherry Go-Round | Sour Aged on Cherries | 6.4%

Starkeller Peach | Sour Ale Aged on Peaches  | 6.5% ABV | $8 10oz

cans & Bottles

Grain Belt N’icebreakers | Fruit-Flavored Hard Seltzer  | 5.0% ABV | $4 12oz Sleek Can
Available in Pineapple Mango, Prickly Pear + Guava, Raspberry, and Juniper Lime

Buddy’s Soda
Available in Grape, Orange, and Strawberry


Schell’s Flight | Deer Brand, Firebrick, Cream Ale, Seasonal | $8

Grain Belt Flight | Premium, Nordeast, Premium Light, Elite | $8

Brand Sampler | Firebrick, No Frills, Premium, Adaptive Matter | $8

Create Your Own | Choose four pours | $10 (add $1 for Starkeller and Cave-Aged Barrel-Aged pours)

crowlers to go

Complete your visit to the brewery by grabbing a crowler on your way out. Crowlers keep our beer tap-worthy fresh and at its original quality for up to a month.

Each crowler holds 750ml (25.36oz) of beer, and most of what we have available on tap in the Bier Halle is available in to-go crowlers.

You can purchase crowlers for $10 apiece.

Frequently asked questions

Are Children Allowed? 
Yes! Children are absolutely welcome. We even have 1919 Root Beer on tap and Buddy’s Soda in bottles! Please do keep in mind that this is a Bier Halle and not a McDonald’s Play Place. Adults are responsible for the children they bring to the Bier Halle, and we ask that kiddos remain at their party’s table!

Are Dogs Allowed?
Inside of the Bier Halle, no. But, we do allow dogs on our shady, breezy patio right outside of the Bier Halle! Dogs must be leashed and well-behaved. (This rule does not apply to service dogs. Service dogs are allowed to accompany their humans anywhere in our Bier Halle and visitor center.)

Can we bring our own food?
Yes! We encourage it! Pairing beer with food is our favorite activity, and New Ulm has some fabulous food options nearby! Just be sure to bring the extras, we will not have spare napkins, utensils, salt, pepper, hot sauce, or sauerkraut. If you bring food from home, prepare it beforehand in its entirety and please leave your Crockpots, Instapots, charcoal grills, popcorn makers, air fryers, Keurig machines, Blackstone griddles, and Kitchen Aid mixers at home. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone who does not comply with this policy. Bringing kitchen appliances or food preparation utensils (that’s a fancy way to say no sharp knives) to the Bier Halle is not tolerated.

Do you sell growlers?
Currently we only sell crowlers. A lot of thought went into what to-go option we’d make available for our visitors. We decided the crowler was the superior option to the growler for many reasons. On average, a glass growler keeps beer carbonated and tap-worthy fresh for just three days. After that point, it begins to degrade due to oxygen intake and UV light. The most significant advantage crowlers hold over growlers is they keep the brews they contain fresh longer. If you keep crowlers from excessive jostling or impact and store them in a temperate area, you’re able to save your favorite brews until you are ready to bust them out. Crowlers also offer more convenience. There’s no need to bring a heavy glass jug in, clean it out after each use or purchase an additional one because you forgot to bring it with you. The crowler also lends itself well to enjoying your favorite brew while in recreational areas. Many parks don’t allow glass vessels but do allow aluminum. As long as alcohol consumption is available in parks, campgrounds, trails, beaches, etc., you’ll be able to bring your crowlers with you. Lastly, you have a really cool label to peel off and stick on your beer fridge, water bottle, garage wall or wherever your heart desires.