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Welcome to the Starkeller, a historic space nestled within the August Schell Brewing Company’s legacy. While our taproom is currently closed, the storied ambiance of the Starkeller is available for your special events. Whether you’re planning a groom’s dinner, engagement party, birthday celebration, anniversary, or work retreat, our venue is the perfect setting to create unforgettable memories.

Originally established to meet the demands of our distinguished Noble Star Collection, the Starkeller served a dual purpose. Not only did it function as a dedicated facility for aging our renowned mixed-culture Berliner Weisse beers, but it also opens its doors as a unique rental space in New Ulm.

Steeped in the rich history of Schell’s, the Starkeller showcases the centerpiece of its narrative – the meticulously restored 1936 Cypress wood lagering tanks. These tanks, once integral to the brewery’s post-prohibition era, were brought back to life to age our exquisite sour beers. The decision to use wood tanks harks back to a time when they were chosen for their affordability over steel tanks. In 1991, they were set aside during brewery updates, waiting patiently for the opportunity to contribute to the Noble Star Collection.

As you step into the Starkeller, you’ll find yourself surrounded by the echoes of the past. The bar, crafted from an old copper kettle from our brewery, invites you to enjoy a drink in a setting that resonates with history. Take a moment to appreciate the tin on the back wall, once a part of the farm that occupied this very space. The Starkeller offers a truly unique experience that captures the essence of Schell’s brewing heritage – an experience you won’t encounter anywhere else.

Though our taproom may be closed, the Starkeller remains open for you to host your special occasions and gatherings. Contact us to reserve this iconic venue, and let the echoes of history be the backdrop for your memorable events.


The Starkeller Series stands as a testament to August Schell’s Brewing Company’s rich brewing history, showcasing our exploration of the Berliner Weisse style of sour beer. While these exceptional beers are no longer brewed, they played a vital role in shaping our legacy.

Brewed at our main facility using a traditional decoction mash and a distinctive no-boil method, the wort underwent a transformative journey at the Starkeller. Here, we introduced a mixed culture of yeast, bacteria, and brettanomyces, and the concoction was transferred into the original 1936 cypress wood lagering tanks – a set of 10 unique vessels that stood as silent witnesses to the aging process.

Over the course of one to two years, these beers evolved, acquiring a refreshing lactic acidity and a delightful fruity, estery bouquet. Maturing within the historic lagering tanks, they underwent a meticulous process, sometimes extending their aging onto fruit for several additional months.

The culmination of this intricate process involved hand-bottling the beer with fresh yeast and priming sugar to initiate bottle conditioning. Over the next two months, a champagne-like carbonation developed within the bottle, creating a distinctive character. The release of each beer was a momentous occasion, marked by the culmination of a unique journey, as no two sours followed the same path or progressed at the same pace.

Though these beers are no longer part of our current lineup, their legacy lives on in the history of August Schell’s Brewing Company. The Starkeller Series, with its unparalleled brewing techniques and distinctive flavors, remains an integral chapter in our story.